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= General Questions =

Q : Is it possible to send my luggage in advance?
A : Please be sure to specify the check-in date and the name of booker (in the case your accompany sends, the name of the reservation representative and the name of the accompanying person).

Example :
① Address : 8-1 Misaki-cho Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture 907-0012 Ishigakijima Hotel cucule Front
② Name : Month / Date Arrival, Name of Booker

Q : Is it possible to deliver packages from the hotel?
A : Yes. It is possible. Delivery companies such as Yamato, Yu-pack etc is available.

= About Check-in / Check-out =

Q : Can you tell me check-in / check-out time?
A : Check-in time is from 15:00 to 23:00 / check-out time is 10:00.
Please inform us in advance if the check-in will be after 23:00. When there is no notice beforehand, we may consider your reservation as cancel.
* If there is a check-in / check-out time setting for plan you booked, that will be given priority.

Q : Is it possible to leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
A : Guests staying at the hotel, we offer luggage storage service before check-in and after check-out, as well as during the stay at the outlying island. After returning from the outlying island , you can change the luggage at the hotel and go another outlying island.

Q : Is early check-in / late check-out possible?
A : Basically it's possible. However, depending on the situation on the day, we may not be able to accommodate with your request, so please contact us in advance.

= About Your Stay =

Q : Is there a curfew?
A : There is no curfew. However, since the entrance door is locked between 2:00 and 5:00, please use the night passing door next to the entrance. When coming back or going out during late night, please bring the room key with you.

Q : Hours for the front desk and telephone reception
A :  It is from 6: 30 to 24: 00. Reception service is not available between 24:00 and 6:30 the next morning (only available for emergency).

Q : Please tell me the Internet connection environment.
A : Wi-Fi is available free of charge throughout the hotel. In addition, Internet with LAN cable can be used for free in all rooms. LAN cable is equipped in each room.

= About Payment =

Q : Can I use credit card · Edy · debit card?
A : Various credit cards are available. We are afraid that we do not accept Edy · debit cards.

Q : Can I complete the payment at the time of check-out?
A : We are sorry, but our hotel is fully prepaid. Please complete the payment at the time of check-in.

= About Breakfast =

Q : Please tell me the hours for breakfast.
A : We offer the breakfast at the first floor during from 6: 30 to 10: 00 (last reception 9: 30).

Q : Can you prepare a box breakfast because I leave the hotel before opening hours of breakfast?
A : We are sorry, but we are not able to prepare a box breakfast.

= About Guest Rooms =

Q : Is a room service available?
A : Room service is not available. There are various shops and restaurants around the hotel, and there is a convenience store (FamilyMart)  1-minute walk away from our hotel.

Q : Is it possible to make external calls or international calls using the telephone in the guest room?
A : Telephones in guest rooms are only for extension.

Q : Is there a refrigerator?
A : All guest rooms are equipped with a refrigerator. Free mineral water is in the refrigerator. Please help yourself.

Q : About toilet facilities
A : All toilets are with videt.

Q : Are there room wear / pajamas?
A : We offer a separate type of room wear.

Q : Please tell me the amenities in the room.
A :  TV · Air conditioning · Desk · Desk light · Refrigerator (empty) · Telephone (for extension only) · Hair dryer · Tea pot · Tea bag · Slipper · Deodorant spray · Laundry bag · Hand mirror · Magnifying · Toilet · Bath towel · Face Towel · bath mat · shampoo · conditioner · body soap · hand and face soap · toothbrush · razor · body sponge · hairbrush*Cotton · cotton swab · toe sponge · facial mask · sunscreen cream (moisturizing cream in winter) is prepared next to the front desk.

Q : Is there any the barrier-free room?
A :  We are sorry, but there is no barrier-free room.

Q : Is there a connecting room?
A : There are no connecting room.

= About Facilities =

Q : Is there a laundry room in the hotel?
A : Yes. A coin-operated laundry room is available on the 3rd floor.

Q : Do you have a PC which guest can use for free?
A : Yes. On the 1st floor next to lobby, there is a PC which can access the Internet and a printer that can output free of charge.

Q : Do you have an ice machine?
A : Yes. There is one on the 3rd floor coin-operated laundry room. Ice pale · Tong · muddler is also available.

Q : Is there a vending machine?
A : Yes. It is located on the 3rd floor in the laundry room. However, it does not sell  alcohol.

Q : Is there a smoking room?
A : Yes. There is a smoking room on the 3rd floor. We also have an ashtray beside the hotel entrance.

Q : Is there a public bath?
A : There is no public bath in the hotel.

Q : Is it possible to reserve a parking lot?
A : We are afraid that we do not accept advance booking for parking lots. 

Q : Can I use the parking lot before check-in or after check-out?
A : We are sorry, but we do not accept that.

= About Services and Rental Items =

Q : Is it possible to reserve a rental bicycle?
A : We are sorry, but we do not accept advance booking. Please check availability at the front desk when using. (8 units / free of charge)

Q : Is it possible to order cleaning in the evening and receive the next morning?
A : We are afraid that it is impossible. At the shortest, it will be finished around the evening next day.?

Q : Is there a match or lighter?
A : There is no preparation at the hotel.

Q : What kind of rental items are available?
A : Free of charge : 
mobile phone / smart phone charger (docomo / softbank / au / iPhone etc), ice pale / tongue / muddler set / pitcher for split, can opener, bottle opener, wine opener, nail clipper, beep mat, sewing set, Beach towel, leisure seat, card / board games (available next to the internet section), iron and ironing board (in the laundry room), microwave (in the laundry room), umbrella (the umbrella stand is in lobby)
Paid : 2 laptop computers (from 12: 00 night to 12:00 the next day)
※ The number of rental item is limited?

= About Access =

Q : Do you offer a shuttle service?
A : No, we don't. Please rent a car or use public transportation. A bus stop "Bus Terminal" is in front of the hotel.

Q : Are there convenience stores and drug stores nearby?
A : There is a convenience store (FamilyMart) in a place 1 minute on foot. There is a drugstore called "Drag Spangle" (opening hours: weekdays 8: 30-21: 00 / Sunday 9: 00-21: 00) a 2-minute walk away.

Q : Is there any hospital around the hotel?
A : There is one located about a 5-minute drive away. 

= Other =

Q : Is there any space to park my bicycle?
A : There is no bicycle parking lot, so please bring it to your room. However, we ask that you bring your bicycle in the hall without pulling it.